Jade Regent

Jade Regent - The Brinewall Legacy

Jade Regent – The Brinewall Legacy
*Cast of Characters – Toshiro, half-elf monk 1st, played by Rob; Elegost, elf rogue 1st, played by Jason; Olwe Telrunya, half-elf ranger 1st, played by Joey; Avendesora, halfling druid 1st, played by Gina *
In the town of Sandpoint the four would-be heroes Toshiro, Elegost, Olwe, and Avendesora meet up at their favorite watering hole The Rusty Dragon. The tavern is owned by their friend Ameiko Kaijitsu. They wish to discuss the recent events that threaten the town and the need for worthy adventurers to take on the task of putting an end to the threat. Recently the Licktoad goblins of Brinestump Marsh have grown unusually aggressive. The reason for their bravery seems clear—the goblins have somehow managed to arm themselves with what appears to be a considerable supply of fireworks. The problem stems not so much from the additional “firepower” these fireworks provide as from the inflated sense of ego and power that the devices have given the goblins—the fireworks have made them dangerously brave.
Several merchant caravans and travelers have been attacked so far, and according to the victims, the damage caused by horses panicking at the sight and sound of exploding pyrotechnics is almost as destructive as the goblin attacks themselves. The last few attacks have resulted in severe injuries to three travelers and now the problem has gone from an annoyance to an all out threat. But since none of the attacks have inconvenienced Magnimar in any way the city has been unwilling to react. So Sandpoints leaders have put out the call for goblin exterminators to handle the problem themselves.
A few adventurers have already made the attempt but nothing has been heard from them in the 3 days since they entered Brinestump Marsh, and last night another round of colorful explosions burst over the wetlands south of Sandpoint.
To deal with the threat Sheriff Belor Hemlock has restored Sandpoint’s old “goblin bounty”. The town is willing to pay 10 gp for every fresh goblin ear delivered to the town hall—with an additional reward of 300 gp for the head of the Licktoad’s leader Chief Gutwad.
The adventurers after grabbing a table in the tavern and ordering a few rounds of drinks begin discussing the matter amongst themselves. Toshiro makes it clear he feels this is a challenge worthy of a warriors skill, while Avendesora seems very hesitant to take on an entire tribe of goblins she does agree that the threat needs to be dealt with.
During their discussions Ameiko overhears them talking, she walks over and greets them. Being on the town council she is eager to see the threat ended as well but seeing her friends are the ones deciding to take on the task she decides to lend them some advise. She tells them that although Brinestump Marsh is relatively small its very overgrown with vegetation and therefore its easy to get lost in it. Instead of wandering around hoping to find the Licktoad tribe she recommends that they take the Lost Coast Road to the New Fish Trail and follow it to a shack in the swamp that is inhabited by Walthus Proudstump, Walthus is kind of a self appointed warden of the area and if anyone knows his way around the swamp it would be him.
The adventurers finally after a bit of bickering agree upon a plan of action. They finish their drinks which Ameiko states is on the house, then they agree to gather their belongings and meet just outside the town on the Lost Coast Road.
The 4 adventurers begin their travel to the marsh following the Lost Coast Road. Only a few minutes into their trek down the road, Toshiro and Elegost begin a discussion about his skills as a monk. Toshiro tells Elegost that he has trained his body and mind to the point he could knock one of Elegost’s arrows completely out of the air before it even had a chance to strike him. Elegost laugh’s and challenges him. Toshiro drops his staff and tells his elven friend to fire an arrow at his head. Elegost pulls his bow and knocks an arrow aiming at the monk. Avendesora and Olwe pause with annoyance on the road and turn to watch the antics of their traveling companions. Olwe tells Avendesora she may want to stand by with some type of healing spell just in case this goes bad. Elegost lets the arrow fly toward Toshiro but overshoots him badly. Toshiro then begins explaining to the elf that the arrow needs to at least be directed at him. The elf gets a bit angry and pulls another arrow, firing this one directly at Toshiro, who true to his word slaps the arrow out of the air just inches before it would have stuck into his chest. Impressed with his skills they collect their things and continue down the Lost Coast Road.
After a few hours of travel following the Lost Coast Road the band of adventurers reach the edge of Brinestump Marsh. They spot the New Fish Trail cutting just off the road and into the murky swamp. Olwe leads the group down the New Fish Trail. They make their way through the swamp following the trail but encounter nothing out of the ordinary other than a soggy three-toed print found in the mud and the remains of a half eaten animal laying on the trail.
Soon the intrepid adventurers reach the shack owned by Walthus Proudstump. They knock on the door and soon it is answered by the halfling. Instead of letting them in the shack he steps outside to converse with them. During their conversation Toshiro notices a strange rippling affect across the halflings features. He confronts him about it and to their dismay they find this is a Faceless Stalker disguised as Walthus. They enter into combat with the creature and soon defeat it.
Stepping into the shack they begin looking around for signs of Walthrup, they hear sobbing coming from upstairs and a voice cries out to them. They find Walthrup who is injured hiding out upstairs. He explains that he was attacked by the Faceless Stalker and only with the assistance of his safe room was able to survive. They help him with his injuries and he treats them to a dinner and they stay as his guest for the night.
The following day Walthus leads them to the Old Fish Trail which he says will take them directly to the Licktoad Tribes village. He thanks them for their help, presents his magic cloak to Avendesora for her help in healing him and then bids them good luck.
They follow the trail which leads them to the Licktoad village. There they discover the village is more or less a ghost town, it would seem that the village was attacked by some unknown force. They begin exploring the village only to find that it is not as abandoned as they had first assumed. Several goblins come out from hiding and attack the group. They beat back several waves of goblin attackers, several of which are armed with fireworks. One of the goblin attackers is badly wounded and attempts to flee to a barred set of wooden doors, he bangs on the doors but no one opens them. The adventurers pursue him and he is soon cut down. Elegost examines the barred doors and finds enough of a gap in them that he can slide the blade of his sword in between and lift the wooden bar on the other side, thus opening the doors.
Inside the shack they are confronted by the Chief of the tribe and several goblins. A fight ensues between the heroes and the goblins. The fight goes poorly for the goblins even with the use of their fireworks, soon the Chief decides to try and flee out a secret passage. The adventurers pursue him and soon cut him down just outside the shack.
After defeating the goblins they continue their search of the village. They find evidence that the village was attacked by some kind of skeletal creatures. They also find a red chest in the Chiefs hut, inside of which they find several items including a gold and ivory fan with a crude map painted on its reverse side. The map depicts two shipwrecks and a cave inside the swamp. They decide due to the late hour that they will make camp in the village for the night and then attempt to follow the map at first light on the next day.
Olwe does his best to lead the group through the swamp using the crude map on the fan. After only a few missteps they make their way to the first shipwreck. They find here only the burnt-out hulk of a shipwreck with nothing interesting here except the name of the ship they find on a placard – the Kaijitsu Star.
They then follow the map to the second shipwreck. This shipwreck they discover is named – the Kaijitsu’s Blossom. While exploring the meager remains of the shipwreck three skeletons rise from the swampy mud and wielding rusty wakizashi they attack. The adventurers manage to defeat the skeletons. They then decide to make camp in some of the larger remains of the shipwreck and continue their search for the cave in the morning.
Aside from several pairs of soggy boots they have no problems finding the entrance to the cave early on the following day. The entrance to the cave is covered in a thin curtain of hanging nettles which they hack out of their way with a sword exposing the dark cave.
Traveling into the cave they find it a rather claustrophobic affair as the ceiling rarely rises higher than 7 feet in here and moisture constantly drips down from above. After only a short way into the cave they come to a point where the cave y’s off, choosing to take the left most passage they enter an area where large stands of water cover the floor. They cautiously make their way down the slippery passage until they come to an area where the cavern widens into a much larger area, a large pool of water stands on one side and several skeletal remains are scattered throughout the cavern. They stop long enough to examine the skeletal remains and though the armor the skeletons wore is broken are able to determine that it appears to be of Tian make.
Two more passages are found to lead out of the larger skeleton cavern and they choose to take one of them. The passage leads into another cavern where the group discovers a skeleton dressed in rusty samurai style armor sitting motionless atop a large jade and cherry wood chest. Being cautious the group advances across the cavern floor toward the skeleton, reaching a few feet of it they notice it suddenly begins to move. It leaps to its feet, pulls its wakizashi and attacks. The brave adventurers begin fighting the skeleton only to find after a few rounds the skeletal bodies of the ones they had seen in the previous chamber have also animated and are steadily moving in on them as well.



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